So who the frack is Jason Cain?

Well, before I get into my Internet marketing credentials, I have a warning…

You will either love me, or hate me.

I am not your normal everyday person.

  • I am a Marine and a cop — and therefore, I am not politically correct.
  • I am highly opinionated.
  • I swear occasionally for emphasis.
  • I am a militant libertarian

What is my background?

I am a US Marine Veteran — a sergeant that served actively from 1986-1992. I served with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade. I have a soft spot for current service members, cops and military veterans.

I am a retired law enforcement officer and started my first Internet compnay during the DotCom explosion in 1999.

I am completely self-taught. In 1998, I learned how to program HTML and CSS thanks to a book called “Sams Teach Yourself to Create Web Pages in 24 Hours” and a Dell laptop. 🙂

I wrote the very first book on how to make money with a blog. It was called “Goldblogging” and was largely panned by the liberal, elitist blogoshere (I even received hate mail from Rebecca Blood) — however on July 13, 2003 it became the bible for many Internet marketers…

I posted an entry over at the The Warrior Forum that formed the germ of a new story. A new meme was born that YOU CAN make money blogging — and that it was okay to do so. And the cool thing was that I used an existing meme: “The Star Wars Kid” to do it.

Allen Says, a quiet GENIUS marketer — and the founder of The Warrior Forum chimed in on my forum post.

Hmm…this get’s more interesting by the minute for some strange reason.

I think I’m going to start me a “Stream Of Consciousness” blog.

I would really screw some people up if they read from me daily. I would probably have to make it available to Warriors only. Getting inside my mind would cripple lesser mortals.

I inspired Allen Says — the founder of the Warrior Forum and many other marketers to create blogs for the sole purpose of making money online. And this little tidbit of information is key to understanding memes…

The story had changed.

The blogosphere was no longer to be dominated by left-wing, liberal, elitists from Silicon Valley and the communists in the Far East (Coast). The blogosphere would become the mecca of the capitalist Internet marketer.

Within days I was bombarded by the questions of dozens of marketers. Sales of my ebook exploded to the tune of about $600 per day! But that was just the beginning…

I met people in a whirlwind of activity.

I met Gary Halbert via his comments on my blog posts in the summer of 2003, and talked with him regularly until his death. (Did you know that Gary was a military policeman in the Army?)

I also met John Reese, Allen Says, Keith Baxter, Michel Fortin, Mark Joyner, Lynn Terry, Rebecca Hagel, Paul Short, Willie Crawford and many other cool people. Gracious people that — without being asked — promoted my ebook freely and wanting nothing in return. John Reese’s endorsement (seen below) brought in $38,000. I made more cash in one month than I did in years at policing.

Here is what John said in Issue #8 of The Marketing Secrets Newsletter…

Trademark of Marketing Secrets.com

Blogs ARE a good marketing vehicle. In fact, there are many people that are profiting quite nicely by running a blog.

My friend, Jason Cain, is one of these people. Jason is a diehard “blogger” and he has a fantastic marketing-related blog at: http://www.goldblogger.com

You should check it out. He writes a lot of great stuff and it’s fun to read the “comments” that some of the readers post on the blog’s site. Jason also has a great course that teaches people how to profit from running a blog, and you can check that out at: http://www.goldblogging.com

And again in Issue #9, John announced…

After being inspired by my buddy and blog super-expert, Jason Cain (goldblogger.com), I am going to setup a blog for MarketingSecrets.com.

A few short emails between us, and John Reese created the ultimate marketing weapon. A weapon that he would use in launching Traffic Secrets and creating…

So while there are now HUNDREDS of people professing to know how to teach you to make money blogging. There are only a few that know what the fuck they are talking about. (Darren Rowse over at Problogger impresses the shit out of me. But I guess the feeling is mutual.)

While I build up content on this new blog, you can find a lot of great stuff in the archives of the oldest marketing blog on the planet Goldblogger.com which I edited from 2002 to 2007.

I have been interviewed for many products on blogging.

I have been interviewed by the “Godfather of Internet Marketing” Mark Joyner for his blogging course at Simpleology.com. Here is what he had to say…

Jason Cain is known as a “blogging expert“. He started one of the very first Blogs back in 1999 – a modest website that sold survival-related equipment. He now runs the largest and oldest blog on marketing: Goldblogger.com.

As a blogging aficionado, Jason understands intimately just how powerful blogging is and how anyone can use their Blog to generate income!

I was interviewed for “The Stampede Secret” a rare ebook that Laura Childs and Joe Vitale co-authored. It was one of the first to explain RSS the power of RSS. (Of course that led to scraping and splogs — but that was not their fault! 🙂 ) Although I have not talked to Laura in quite a while, it seems she has created a new version called “The Stampede Secret 2.0“.

I was also interviewed by Rebecca Hagel for this product.

Have you heard of Yanik Silver’s Underground seminars? His last one was priced at $3495 per person. At those seminars the people he invites share some of the most cutting edge information on Internet marketing. Few of my customers attend. Why? Because they already freakin’ know, and here’s the proof from this interview of Yanik Silver by Willie Crawford

And finally, a bunch of nice things said via Twitter…

Michel Fortin (via Twitter):

michelfortin @JasonCain Dude, it’s about freakin’ time you’re on Twitter. Folks, Jason, the GoldBlogger, is a long-time friend and a must-follow.

michelfortin Follow @JasonCain “GoldBlogger,” blogging when “blog” wasn’t even a word yet. He’s a former cop, marine, and BLUNT. And he’ll make you rich.

And Michelle MacPhearson (via Twitter)

michellem @JasonCain Nice to have you back on scene – I truly missed you and your killer blog posts!

Folks in IM: Follow @JasonCain (back online after long hiatus) – he introduced blogging to the IM crowd (incl. @johnreese) way back when

And Keith Baxter (via Twitter)

keithbaxter @JasonCain Holy crap, is this Gold Blogger?

And Willie Crawford (via Twitter)

WillieCrawford Make sure you’re following @JasonCain my farvorite former Honolulu cop and US Marine veteran. He tells it like it is 🙂

Ok. Enough of this shit.

Know you have an pretty good idea of who I am. Let’s get to work!

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